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Who else owns a strat???

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My baby, Charvel SoCal  

Musta been my delivery.

Great photo Pippy!   Here's my CS strat:

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Well this one is a USA production Strat made by Fender that looks like, but doesn't sound like, a Strat:









...and this one is my '86 Yamaha SE 350 which doesn't look that like a Strat but very much sounds like one. It gives me my in-between sparkly/quacky tones and is what I do use as my Strat. It's a workhorse that is built like a tank but has probably the best neck of any of my guits:





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Love my Strats, I have 6 (3 American, 3 MIM). Check my signature for all models. They're all significantly different, different necks, and pups different on 5 with one pair sharing the same pups. The MIMs are my most recent Strat purchases, the Custom Shop designed 50s and 60s Classic Players are awesome with great features (60s with '69 Custom Shop pickups and a flat 12 inch fret board radius- same as Gibson, great Sonic Blue finish body, 50s with American Vintage Reissue pups, but with the center pup reverse wound/reverse polarity, so you get a different sound and hum canceling. Oh, and great looking Shoreline Gold finish).


The Road Worn 60's has Tex Mex pups (center also reverse wound/reverse polarity) and a Nitro finished body that legitimately looks the 50ish year old part (this guitar does a very credible job of replicating the look, FEEL and sound of the 1962 Strat I had from about 1995 to 1998, closest to a real vintage I've played.


The Clapton model is great, it is the second generation with Noiseless pups (visible pole pieces) instead of the original Lace Sensors (also cool guitars). It does retain the active electronics (much like having an internal "pedal" wired to a tone pot). The 62 Reissue is a very nice guitar, and does a good job of replicating a new guitar with vintage features. The American Standard (redesigned around 2007) is sweet, and a major improvement over the early 1990's American Standards (had two of them, this on is far far better).


Don't have one of the newest 2012 American Standards, but they've upgraded them again and I am thinking about one. Great prices still, and they now come with Custom Shop designed "Fat 50s'" Pickups, and aged pickup covers and knobs (I've added the aged covers/knobs to my own cream colored Olympic White American Standard).


Strats are an iconic axe, worthy of consideration by all (yes, some will hate them, as with any other guitar). Won't know until you give one a chance!


medium800.jpgL-R, American Standard (much more yellowed in person), American Vintage Reissue 62, Eric Clapton model



60s Road Worn Stratocaster



50s Classic Player Stratocaster, Shoreline Gold is stunning in person, I've not been able to capture the color at all on camera


IMAG0373.jpgAgain, pics don't do this gorgeous 60s Classic Player Stratocaster justice, it is a real looker, as well as playing and sounding great.

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That 60's road worn looks like the real thing. Some of those reliced strat type guitars looks hidious so much so that they do not look good at all with someone getting carried away with the sand paper and all. Yours looks real though, Tim

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What's that pcboard for?

That's the fender mid-boost circuit. Like on the Clapton & Buddy guy strats. It turns the thing into an active system. Uses a 9v battery located under the back plate - just peeking thru the copper. I don't use the boost as much as I used to, but it works well to thicken up the bridge pickup.

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Love my Strats :)



American Mahogany HSS





'83 Elite




Thumbs up on the Strat Elite. I have a Floyd Rose Strat with the pickguard and electronics from an Elite transplanted on (some routing required!), and I think its one of the most versitile tone setups out there.

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I have a friend in France who has a collection of Strats that numbers literally in the hundreds-plus a collection of at least one of each model Fender ever produced.He has an online museum and I'll try to post a link to it.He actually is about the only person outside of some very high up executives of Jaguar Cars that owns an exclusive special Custom Shop run of BRG Strats with 24k gold plating and jaguar inlays.That guitar alone is valued at over 20,000 Euros.


EDIT: I have found his website and it's well worth looking into if you like jaw-dropping guitar porn: http://www.guitarmotel.com/ You won't be disappointed.

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I have a Japanese Squier Strat with System 1 (branded "Fender", made by Schaller) locking trem from the early 80's. It kicks ***.


I also have a Japanese '62 strat thats about a 1999. It is very sweet indeed...... (Neck pick-up, clean tone heaven).


I love a good strat.


Also have a '62 reissue tele custom (so cool - double bound, sunburst, rosewood fingerboard) and a genuine '67 Jaguar, refinished in aged Olympic White. Fender, Gibson, Ric, Gretsch, Jackson, PRS ... it's all good to me....



It is more kick *** now it has SD Quarter Pounders in it....


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I have an allparts strat with a cbs-style small radius neck.

It has a good sound that cuts through pretty nicely.

The neck has a smaller radius than I'd like to as it keeps you from lowering the action.

My next guitar will have a larger diameter fretboard and because of my small hands, I'll probably shave down the neck.

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Don't own one currently, but have had two in the past - both cheap MIMs, but very playable, and give that unique Strat sound. I always like the tone of the maple neck with maple fingerboard as the most classic Strat tone. The first one I had I gigged a lot with it but after playing a LP for about 25 years used a Yamaha Guitar Effector (cool pedal/processor)to make it sound more like a Gibson. Traded that one and a 175 I had for my 336. Then years later picked up another inexpensive MIM for about $400 - really nice looking natural finish Ash with maple/maple neck. Traded that and a 60 reissue LP for my Taylor SB Custom.


The cool thing about Strats to me is there are a million of them out there in all different colors and finishes and you don't have to spend a ton of money to get that classic Strat sound. I am by no means a Strat aficionado and I am sure there are good reasons to buy the more expensive American and custom made ones but I have always been happy enough with the MIMs as I primarily play Gibson and just use them for change of pace. Have a MIM Tele right now, so still have the single coil tone available if the project calls for it.


I think you tend to play a little differently when picking up a Strat or Tele from how you play a LP. The different neck scale has an effect on what you're used to doing, the tone is 180 degrees away so always good to have one around. Also in a band with two guitarists I always like to have the contrast of a Gibson humbucker on one guitar and a Fender single coil on the other for a wider palate of sounds and variety.

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