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I'm here to say I've started making beef jerky.


No, I will not share my recipe. Don't ask.


But I will show how I did it.


Get a couple pounds of thin sliced beef, get the highest quality you can find. It only cost me around $10 for 2 pounds of decent meat.


Make a marinade. Use what you like. Use acidic things to really get into the meat.


Get a large bowl and put the marinade in it. Make sure you have enough to fully submerge each piece.


Cut your meat into slices no longer than 5 inches and no wider than 2 inches.


Put the meat into the marinade. Be sure the bowl has a lid, then toss it around a few times to be sure every piece is saturated. Let it sit over night.


Put aluminum foil over your oven racks. Make sure it's tight and in every groove as best as possible


Put your oven to between 150 degrees and 170 degrees (F, of course, considering I'm in the US) (I use 170, just to be safe)


Put your meat strips on the racks. Make sure none are touching. Also, the higher up the racks, the better.


Make sure your oven door is propped open about 2 inches or so. You're not cooking the meat, you're drying it out. A crushed can in the door works well, actually.


It should take roughly 2-3 hours per side, flipping at the half way point. And check it every hour just to be sure it's doing alright.


Also, for the last 2 hours, change out the foil so it's no longer sitting in the drippings and will dry out more.


This is my batch at 1 hour.




It's finished, and it's all almost gone. It's absolutely incredible. I love cooking

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Go get a inexpensive food dehydrator and you won't make a big mess in the oven that's all your doing is turning your oven into a dehydrator and probably a mess to clean. You'll also get your jerky dried quicker if the racks have air circulation rather than the foil which prevent air circulation. I have been making jerky of all kinds for years my favorite is Elk and Whitetail deer but London Broil type's of meat work great also and you can save some real $$$ when they go on sale. Just make sure it's dry before you store itand don't let mold start while it's being stored moldy jerky is pretty nasty stuff.

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