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Miss J45TV, Meet Miss J50


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I wanted to post a picture of my two Gibsons. One is my 2007 J45TV, which is my favorite guitar, and the other is my J-50 Modern Classic (whatever that means - I think it is the same as a J45 but with the old style pickguard). The J-50 sounds great plugged in (Baggs Element), and I hope she opens up with a few years of play, like my TV has.


By the way, the third guitar in my 2nd picture is my Martin D15 - I lover her too.







I will try to do a sound comparison at some point, which should illustrate that the J-45TV is more seasoned, resonant, and fuller than the J-50. But it has the advantage of time and play...

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Right, Betty & Veronica.... I think the J-50 is one if the two best looking guitars ever (the other being Martin'OM-18).


I really fancy a J-50TV...


Someone who agrees with me about the beauty of the J50 .... a simple blond beauty .... no bling but a pleasure to behold and play. Below is a pix of my J50 TV next to a J45 natural that I no longer own. Note the banner, the wide grain, and the old style tuners. I love it.



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So, a J-50TV does exist!! I love the square bridge!


This will cause focused GAS.



Yes they do indeed. Five Stare Dealer Bailey Brothers (205- 271-7827 ask for Keith) had 3 made on special order. I bought the first and two more hang on the wall of their acoustic room. Mine is light as a feather and came out of the case with the most wonderful warm tone. Gets better the more I play it. It's my hog lifetime keeper.

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