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Gibson traditional pro ii merlot with flame maple


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I bought a traditional pro ii merlot in music 123 in dec 2012 and it had a couple of scratches. So I returned it for a free replacement. When it came back not only that it is flawless and ready to play with good setup, it came with a flame maple and snake skin case. The difference between the 1st one I ordered was it came with plain maple merlot with a clear view of the wood grain. 1st thing I made sure is if it had the push/ push split coil and battery compartment for 10 db boost. It did and its definitely a traditional pro ii. I know that a premium plus doesn't have the Ebra color pickups and the standard traditional pro ii has split coil pickups, but it doesn't come with the 10db boost. Gibson experts out there, is this a factory defect mistake. Either way it is a good mistake for me cause I I like the true slit coil and flame maple design of it. It may not be AAA but its better than plain.

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