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Blues Tones from Vox AC15 Handwired

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Does anyone have any setting recommendations to get great Blues Tones from Vox AC15 Handwired?

I use a 2007 Gibson LP Standard.


Well, there isn't just a stock answer here as "blues" tone comes in all sizes. BB King usually plays very clean, relying on his vibrato and phrasing to express himself. He normally would use a higher powered amp to get a clean sound. This is true of many of the blues veterans of the 60's, including Freddie King and Albert King. These guys did not play with a lot of distortion. Now younger players coming along did find they could get their guitars to sustain more by driving the tube amps very hard and loud and into distortion. The early guys doing this would include Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Buddy Guy, Albert Collins, Mike Bloomfield, etc. These guys play blues as well. So today, the sound is all over the place in regards to what a "blues" tone is. That being said, many modern blues players ( but not all ) like to get at least a little grit going from their amp. This requires a couple of things, IMO. First, turn the amp up past halfway, at least on 6. Most tube amps will sound fairly clean up to 5. If your's has a master volume, dime it and turn the other up to 6 at least. Now, with a Les Paul Standard with burstbuckers, you have a guitar with lot's of gain already in those pickups. If your amp has two inputs, plug into the first, higher gain input. This will over drive the pre-amp tubes quicker. Vox amps can sound bright so set the treble in the middle to start with and the bass at 2 or 3. Blues isn't bass heavy like some rock. Try position 2 on the bass shift control and the brilliance control off. You may get more tonal control by using channel two with the traditional bass and treble controls. Turn the guitar volume controls all the way up and select your neck pickup only to start. Now play your best blues riffs and listen to the sound. It should sound full, fat and still clear, with a hint of distortion. You don't want to over drive it so it sounds like a cheap fuzz tone. That's not blues tone. That Vox has 2 distinct channels. You need to experiment and find your tone. I would stick with the pentode mode for a cleaner tone and not too much treble yet still clear. Let your ears be the judge. That amp should give up tons of great tones. The only thing I like that your amp doesn't have is a little reverb. You could add a pedal for that if you like. Play On Bro.

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