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I Have a Comic Book Idea!


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I have this idea for a comic. It's about musicians and the business of rock n' roll. Kinda stems from the old KISS comics from the 70s, but addresses my criticism of their comics: they weren't portrayed as musicians, just superheroes. MY comic will be about a fictional rock n' roll band (Eric Carr had made up a fictional band called "The Rockheads" in the 80s, and this kinda stems from that too) fighting the evil of the music business: crooked managers/business people, wacko promoters, religious anti-rock people that call us devil worshippers, and critics. The idea came from me drawing lightning bolts and the word ZAP! (I love comic art) Then I decided to draw a Rolling Stone writer under it getting struck by the power of my fictional band. The whole concept is the fact that rock is a people's game and it's all about the passionate fans, not some self-appointed asshole that thinks his own crap doesn't stink and gets paid to force his opinions on people despite the fact that being a critic takes no skill or has no requirements.


Basically, it is a comic (sorta like MAD Magazine meets the Fantastic Four based around rock n' roll) for rock/metal lovers. Kids won't get it. Chances are the masses won't get it either. But, as said, it is a rock/metal fan's comic. We're continuously put-down and stepped on by the supposed "cool people". All I gotta say is that they can keep Elvis Costello (nothing personal, just my opinion, mind you) and Madonna and rap music. I'll keep rockin' out to 2112 and Technical Ecstasy.


I believe in this 100%. I know I'll (and whoever wants to partner up with me. I can't do this alone) make good money off of this, but that's not the main idea. I'm pretty passionate about it. Just as long as the fans love it and it goes somewhere, I'll be perfectly happy. It will never be something for the masses, but it's almost like a cult thing.


All opinions are welcome. Keep in mind, I will try my best to keep this and my music career separate.

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Traditional comics are almost dead especially small cult type books that were big in the 70's and 80's. just try to find a comic book store if you don't believe me. What you want is a E-Zine a on line self published graphic novel type of project if you can't draw though your in trouble because what money is left in comics and graphic novels now goes to the artists that ink and color the work. Comic style art like graffiti has evolved into a art form and the art sells just like fine art paintings used to. There are even galleries that focus specifically on comic, Manga and street art style art. The money is good for artist with talent. The single most expensive piece of art I have ever sold was a mural of three aliens examining a well endowed young woman and trying to compare her to a simple drawing of a man and figure out what the obvious differences they were seeing were? It sold to a bar owner in Florida that flew me out there to install the three pieces and paint the seams. As for the commission well let's just say my wife is driving it right now.


while it's a tight market now it's also a great time to self publish especially if it's something you believe in and not just a way to try and make a few bucks. if your not a artist try to find one that shares your enthusiasm because putting something like that together is a lot of work.

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