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My son & I saw Yes tonight at the Tabernacle in Atlanta. Wow, what a show. Since this is a forum concerning guitar, I will speak about the guitar. Steve Howe was wonderful. He sounded better than 1991 on the Union Tour. He gets around the fretboard deftly and cleanly.


He was rocking his main axe - '64 ES175 which sounded superb. He was also using an ES345 & even a red strat with a trem..


I just want to say that if opportunity knocks, go and see him (them) for yourself. I won't get into just how great everyone else performed - but to say they all did excellence to music.


My 8 year old and I also had the opportunity to meet most of the group after the concert - gentlemen every one! I Hope Jon keeps getting better. Thank you Yes for making our evening special in every way.

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