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I got a new Midtown bass recently. After the second one, i decided to keep the one ordered from music zoo. The bass is great and only some minor issues as far as over all review

First off, The first one received from Sam Ash direct was crap( I'm not blaming Sam Ash as they basically warehouse the guitar to customer without inspection, so I would think. If they do inspect em, they need new inspectors). The neck was maple instead of rosewood after the guy said it was rosewood. I can go into this but basically I figured it out in 2 seconds how to determine this. There was a scratch across the front of bridge, And It had an ice cream type scoop chunk taken out of fretboard on the second fret. The electronics were wired horrendous and the finish was almost a cloudy black not shiny ebony. Playability was fine and so was the set up. Didn't take too much time with it as it got boxed up after a few hours of disappointment. No problems with return and the hunt was on for another. I went on Music Zoo's site and they had one in stock. The guy went to warehouse, took out and just gave it a quick look and said its good( rosewood ect). Ok, get it in 2 days and it's good. Finish good, fretboard good, visually good. When I took off the back plate, the wiring again was the same ol messy wiring. No prob, I can accept that I guess as everything seemed to work fine. Now after more inspection, the serial # is kinda under the right tuner abut as its lower than usual and the tuners on right side are sticking out past about a 1/16. Not crazy bad, it works and plays great. The mahogany through the f hole looks really cool and its a 8 out of 10. My final thoughts are wait to play one at a store, or any guitar for that matter. The rosewood necks started around late October and the 2nd to 4th # of the serial number will give u production day. Lastly I think was made in the future, it says made in December of 2013!!! Nice! I would recommend this bass, but not if you don't see I first. Hope none of you guys get my old one :(.

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How do I add pics from phone?


Not sure, but I think you should be able to email them from your phone to your computer, then attach them from there.


You'll need to:

1) put your email address in your phone's contact list

2) select the pic

3) select "send picture message" in options

4) add your email address from your contact list & hit send.

5) download the pic from the email & save it on your desk top

6) upload it to the forum from there


It should work. [unsure]

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I have a Pelham blue Midtown bass and I do love it. Yes, there were a few shortcuts in finishing, but not too major. Binding on the neck is a little under-flush ... minor stuff like that. One other thing is that the neck pick-up is less on output compared to my SG bass. The reason being, the pickup is set much lower on the Midtown bass. Yes, bringing the screws up helps a little, but I use my Boss bass EQ and overcome that glitch nicely.


However, it is set up nicely. I did a few minor tweaks. The intonation was spot on. I did go with D'Addario flat wound long scale strings (.045-.100) ... excellent sound.


I love this thing and have gigged with it a few times playing through a silver face Fender Bassman 50 with a '63 Bassman cabinet and it's really cool. This is smaller room stuff ... if I play a bigger venue, I'll use the Bassman 135 and a couple of cabs.


Buy one if you're undecided. It's a very decent bass for the money.

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I really like my Midtown. I bought mine from Sweetwater and they give it a good going over and inspection before shipping it out. It was perfect (the cloudy places on the finish are light reflection). The only thing I have done to it is change the bridge out for a Hipshot Golden Tone. I also have a Hipshot on my SG Reissue. The Hipshot really allows for finer adjustment.



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