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Correction re truss rod adjustment


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Just an FYI:


A while back in a discussion regarding truss rod adjustments, I mentioned that the only guitar I have with a counterclockwise adjustment to increase tension (reduce relief) is the 50th Anniversary '61 Casino.


Hadn't pulled this guitar out in a long time, but today I discovered that it adjusts just like all my other guitars:

Clockwise to reduce relief.


What threw me off is that when first purchased, the rod was very loose, and did not seem to tighten when turned clockwise. I turned it counterclockwise, and it became tight.


So in pulling the guitar out today & sighting the neck, the relief had actually increased. What I discovered is that the rod will meet resistance in either direction, but feels very loose when it is at the centerpoint of it's adjustment. When I turned clockwise past the loose centerpoint, the rod began to tighten again, but this time straightening the neck & reducing relief.

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Good info.

I do remember the thread and thanks for posting!


Personally, I like to loosen the strings, turn no more than 1/8 turn at a time and then re-tune.

I will let sit for several hours and repeat as needed.

I never turn more than 1/4 turn on any given day.


It is good to consider that you are not just working with a truss rod.

You are working with a long slim piece of wood that is under a lot of stain.

If it does not work instantly, that does not mean something is wrong.



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