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SG Contour Comparison


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Thought it would be interesting to share a photo comparing the contour of a Derek Trucks SG vs. a 2003 61 Reissue. The DT is noticeably more contoured, including around the lower bout too. I have no preference either way... it's all good.


I'm still trying to learn about SGs... I know that by model the contours vary, but do they also vary from guitar to guitar? The DT is the most contoured SG I've seen (though I haven't seen many different models or really compared them closely). I thought the DT was basically a 61 reissue with some cosmetic changes. Have the specs of the 61 Reissues changed over the years? What is the hitsory of the 61 Reissue?


I know, so many questions. :-k


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