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weird intonation problem


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I have 2 Gibson CF-100e guitars. One's a '57, another is a recent reissue. Both are cool in their own ways and both are actively used. Both are a tiny bit flat at the octave on the G string.


I have the open G in tune, the 12 fret harmonic is of course ok but when you fret it, it's a little flat which the tuner shows...and so a C chord way up there using that 12th fret on G string doesn't sound so great. I had wondered, since it's flat, if you could make a little channel on the back half of the saddle where the string goes over it, thus moving the contact point ahead just a tiny amount... just a small amount would be all that is needed.


It is a normal stock Gibson pin bridge.


What's odd is all the other strings are ok-- I use D'Addario normal light gauge bronze strings. Any ideas?

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