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Time capsule, is it real?


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Kind of a long story but here goes I have a friend who is in his seventies now and this guitar belonged to his step father who played in bands in California in the late 1950's. In 1961 he packed up the family a moved to Oklahoma to farm and ranch with little time to play the guitar. After his death my friend bought it from the estate and set it in storage and there its sat till now. As far as he knows this is the same guitar that made the move in 61 but isn't 100% sure. Our questions are is it real what is it and what year is it. There are no numbers on the back of the head or any where else that we can find, looking at pictures online something's look real and some don't. Also my friend said he is trying to get rid of belonging due to his age and distance from his family so he said he would sell it to me for 500$ is this accurate for this guitar.

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From the story it should be a 1961 "Les Paul" SG. I've got several concerns. Besides other concerns, there should be a plastic plate between the neck pup and the neck that in most cases says "Les Paul" like below - because in this time period the original Les Paul was replaced with this new "SG" design but was still called a Les Paul. Doesn't look genuine to me.


Genuine SG "Les Paul" from the early 60s (1961 would've been the first year of production for this model) -


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Not trying to be harsh, here...but, it's not a real "Gibson," at all.

It's really not even a good/great "copy!" [crying] The body contours are all wrong,

the outside body silhouette is too far "off," and the knob positions, as well as the knobs

themselves are incorrect, also. Then, there's that "pickguard!" [scared]


Most likely, and early Asian copy, before they became the much better "copies"

that they can be, today. But, certainly, not a real "Gibson!" Sorry.... :(



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Interesting, as I found the same guitar, or...it's Twin (right down to the broken vibrato),

on a website in Manila, Phillipines.



Something's amiss, here! [-X[thumbdn][confused]




def, it's doppelganger...

there was no spacer under the output jack and a couple other minor differences.

Obviously NOT Gibsons.

I am thinking counterfeiters trolling the forums for info?

Or just over analyzing?

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