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G-1275 - Possible Neck Selector Issue?


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I recently acquired a used Epiphone G-1275 Custom double neck. It was used and was a trade-in at a local Sam Ash.


In my haste, I didn't give the guitar a thorough once over at the store. It was a good price (even better after the $100 off coupon) and came with the case.


Overall, I'm pretty happy with the guitar but I'm also fairly sure I have either a wiring or a switch problem. I know that both necks can be turned on at the same time but when I have the neck selector switch in the middle position the 12 string neck is VERY quiet, nearly inaudible, while the 6 string neck output seems normal.


Individually each neck sounds fine. Does anyone know if this is by design or do I have a wiring/switch issue?


As always, thanks for the advice.

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Welcome to the forum.

Never looked at one before. Thus, I do not know if it is by design.

Compounded by the fact that it is difficult, at best, to diagnose electric problems

over the net This is not likely to help much.


What comes to mind:

Have you checked the wiring with a multi-meter? Could be a ground issue or a bad switch.


Are they the original pickups?

If something is incorrectly wired it could be a phase cancelling problem.

(although this is less likely as the 6 string side still works correctly)


You might be best off taking it to a pro as I have looked for the wiring diagram for your guitar before.

I have not been able to locate one for the Epiphone double neck.

You can find them for Gibson double neck. But, they are NOT wired the same.



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