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Need help identifying case...


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Hey guys I'm new to the board \:D/


I got an old LP studio the other day and it came with a case that was way too big for the LP. I looked around the net at pictures of other gibson cases, and the only one that looked even close was an SG case. So I assumed that's what it was for, and actually sold it to an SG owner, then went and bought myself a les paul case with that money. Well the SG owner came back and said it didn't fit his SG either. So I gave him his money back and now I'm stuck with this thing. Here are some pics with inside measurements... Can you guys go measure your Gibson cases and tell me if this fits your guitar?






15" at the widest part...



11" at the middle wide part...



41" long...



Also it is 3" deep at the bottom end.



I posted this on another board and people kept saying it was either a 335, 336, or 339 case, but the cases for those that I have seen on the net don't look right either. The reason I thought it was an SG case was because of the bottom end. If you look at my case, the bottom is fairly flat. The SG cases I saw online were the same way. All other Gibson cases I have seen so far are more rounded.




Here is an SG case on ebay... to me it looks the same as mine...



Here is a 335 case. It is round on the bottom...



Here is a 336 case... also round



Here is a 339... a little flatter but still doesn't seem as flat as mine





Any ideas??? I want to sell this case, as I have no use for it, but I can't really list it anywhere if I can't tell what it goes to ](*,)

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