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My beautiful 1951 J-50


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Kirk. I will buy it off you for whatever you paid the Pawn Shop in 1969. Of course, we would have to allow for the exchange rate between the Canadian Dollar and the US $......Really nice guitar and playing. In all those years, did it need neck reset or refret??? Looks to be in pretty good shape for a sixty two year old girl!!!

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Thanks for the nice feedback, everyone.


I did get a re-fret quite a few years ago. To my dismay, when I went to pick it up the repairer told me he had to shave a bit of fingerboard off. It affected the tone and volume. I was livid. The headstock has also been repaired twice after Buster the cat knocked it off its stand ... twice. It took some gluing but it worked. It was already pretty beat up when I bought it (for $150) in 1969. Her twin looks absolutely beautiful.


This model was of course James Taylor's guitar when he first started out with Fire and Rain and those tunes. I had seen a picture of him on the back of a Carole King album playing one. I was amazed when I found this one. It had 5 rusty strings on it, it wasn't even on display, but when I tapped the body and heard the resonance I instantly knew it would be a great guitar so I took her home. I went with a friend who bought a second hand J-200. My J-50 was twice as loud!


I have many guitars now but this is still my favorite.


Here's a nice shot of her.

post-47262-036316900 1359672965_thumb.jpg

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