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30th anniversary goldtop.

I ruined the neck volume pot back in the 80's and got a new one from Guitar Center at that time. I was checking the pot values as the neck pup seems a little dark. The other three pots are marked 71 079 They seem to be 100k. The replacement pot on the neck pup is a 70 034, 300k.

First: is100k unusual? It might be by today's standards.

Second: a 300k pot would make a pup sound brighter than a 100k pot, right?-

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Hello! This is a post from another thread. Hope it helps! Cheers... Bence


Gibson installed 500k Tone and 500k Vol pots on all guitars up until mid-1973.

Beginning mid-1973 Gibson was using 300k pots for both Vol and Tone.

Then from approximately 1977 thru the late-'80s Gibson was using 300k Vol pots with 300k or 100k Tone pots!

The stock Vol pots starting circa-1990 THRU TODAY for all Standard production models (not Historic or Custom Shop) are 300k linear-taper,

and Tone pots are 500k audio-taper.

Historics and Custom Shop Les Pauls use 500K for both Vol and Tone pots.


Any corrections or exceptions are welcome.


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Finally figured it out. Stock volume pot on bridge appears to be a 71 137, 500k. I had trouble reading the actual number due to the soldering job. GC center sold me a 300k pot and told that they were giving me 500k. That explains why the bridge pup is bright (500k) pot and the neck pup is dark (300k) pot. The strange thing is that my research suggests that both volume pots should be 300k not 500k.

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