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I was just reading a post about how to store a guitar strap in a case and it triggered this item.


Maybe everyone on the planet knew this except for me, but you can save a few bucks when you move a guitar strap between guitars. A chum of mine turned me onto Schaller strap locks (there are other brands too obviously) to move a strap from guitar to guitar. Up here in over-taxation land, a set of schaller locks is pretty pricey.


I looked around and finally found that you can buy just the strap lock pins in the color of your choice for a fraction of the cost of a complete lock set.


So buy a lock set (say gold for example), set it up on a guitar and strap, and then install the pins only on the other guitars that are gold. Then you can just move that expensive strap from guitar to guitar with ease.


MUCH cheaper - my chum was buying a complete strap lock set for each guitar and only using half of it most of the time.


If your like me with 20 +- guitars or so (lol) you can save a fair bit of cash to buy other toys with....


Be careful as there are brands that advertise themselves as 'schaller like', and you will normally find their pins will not fit. Similarly if you are using another brand, the schaller pins will probably not do the job for you.


Anyhow, FWIW, el-cheapo over and out......

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