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Advice on Repositioning The Strap Button on a PR5-E?


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Help! I just purchased a new Epiphone PR5-E acoustic electric and love the way it sounds & feels to play! The thinner profile also makes it easier to play standing up. However I'm finding that the factory position of the strap button on the bottom of the heel of the neck (position #2 in the picture at this link: http://www.stewmac.com/tsarchive/ts0055.html) causes the guitar to rotate away from me and makes for an unstable playing position. I don't know if it will solve my problem, but I'd like to reposition, or add a new, strap button to position #4 at the link above. Anyone have any opinions or experience on this? Then, most importantly, before I go drilling into the neck heel, does anyone know if there's any metal hardware (like a bolt) in there that might prevent me from putting a new button in that location?" Thanks!

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Ok, I also have a PR5e set up as you mentioned.


Frankly I have more problem with the endpin jack and my straps. Still haven't figured which is the best strap configuration to use with that - or on other of my guitars.


OTOH, I'm a fingerpicker on that guitar and I've had no problems whatsoever. But... a light controlling touch on the neck, usually picking hand pinkie finger on the guitar and the upper forearm on the guitar for roughly a triangle of control. Different playing technique may bring different concerns. Note that for years flattops were played flatpicking or thumb and fingerpicks in the Carter Family Scratch with comfort and control with a strap to the endpin and then to the peghead.


You should have no problem with drilling in the position you mention, although I don't personally care to add yet another hole into the piece of wood that makes a guitar a guitar. You also should use one of those little felt washers.


I think most has to do with how one holds and plays the guitar. I can say I'm not at all bothered by the strap button placement on this box, nor others similarly handled. It's even easier for flatpicking than my fingerpicking because I have more solid hold on the neck and the right arm on the body.


But there are a cupla variables: I don't know how you've been playing before standing with a guitar. It does bring a different geometry by its nature than playing while seated. Secondly is your body shape; that includes arm length, torso size, etc. Finally there's also "do you wear the thing relatively high or low, and at what sorta angle?"


Just some things to think about.



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Thanks for the thoughtful comments & suggestions! You've "hit the nail on the head" regarding my issue: how to provide the best guitar stability via the strap & right (picking) arm to enable a light, comfortable, stable touch on the neck. I alternate (or, more accurately, "plan to alternate" as I'm a begginer w/ great aspirations) between fingerpick & flatpick. As time has gone by since my original question, I've become a little more comfortable playing the PR5-E with the strap button in the as-delivered location. My baseline frame of reference for guitar stability is an Epiphone Sheraton II semi-hollow electric on which I also alternate between finger-style and pick. The Sheraton also has the strap button in the same location on the bottom of the heel of the neck. The Sheraton is heavier and hangs more flat against my body and is very stable with my right (picking) fore-arm resting on the lower bout of the guitar.


I also agree that the endpin/output jack will probably become the bigger problem and annoyance! The way it's designed, it continually loosens. I saw another comment in these forums on this (maybe yours?) and someone suggested that there's a special tool to tighten this or an extra lock washer that can be added...? I'll have to look that up again. Otherwise,... I continue to be very happy with the quality, sound & playability of this relatively inexpensive instrument!


Thanks again for your thoughts & suggestions! I'm also hesitant to do any drilling -- but I think I'm going to go ahead and either move that strap button or just add another one in the desired location.


Happy playing!

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You're braver than I am. <grin> Although I did add a strap button on my AJ500ME Masterbuilt.


But take a gander at my avatar to see how I play sitting - again inevitably fingerpicking - and then this standing shot fingerpicking with the PR5e... I could use the same positioning, and usually do, if I'm flatpicking too.


It's an entirely different geometry than a thin body electric or "Board," and also than the bigger boxes. That's why my bigger boxes all are far more expensive but... I end up playing the PR5e or one of my similar size jazz boxes most.



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In my NOT SO humble opinion:


1: Ick. The entire weight of the guitar rests on the pin while sequestered in the case, possibly puncturing the case, as well as keeping the neck from being supported by the neck support near the glove box as well as damaging the area around the button. This position also becomes problematic if you lay the guitar on any flat surface to say, change strings.


2: Double Ick. All of the above, with the added advantage of placing all that stress on just the neck or splitting the heel cap upon installation or later. Are they seriously doing this at the factory? #-o


3: My personal favorite. It hangs like a Les Paul. With the button above the center of gravity, the guitar has less tendency to tip forward while strapped on, i.e. it drapes well. Be sure to back up the screw on the inside of the guitar as Stew Mac suggests.


4: 2nd favorite, as long as there is a nice flat spot on the top of the heel. Be wary of splitting the heel upon installation.


5: 2nd favorite if there is no flat spot on the heel as in the picture. Again be wary of splitting the heel when installing.

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I know exactly what you mean!

I just bought an EJ-200ce and it does the same thing. If I use the strap pins, the thing wants to point toward the floor!

So...I am doing what I do on my Guild. I use the end pin/jack on one end...and use this great device called the "Acoustic Quick-Release" by Planet Waves. It basically attaches the strap to the headstock...just like we used to do in the old days! The guitar balances a LOT better and NO DRILLING any holes. And its a LOT more secure than just tying a string (shoelace?) to the headstock. Plus...its a quick-release for removing the strap.

Try it out...it's like six bucks at GC.


post-53321-006675500 1361256281_thumb.jpg



Works for me, and it has a cool "retro" kind of look. AND...I would completely freak if I messed up my guitar by drilling it wrong!


Good Luck!

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