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Visited HuberBreese Music and had some fun with a few pieces,


HuberBreese @ (586-294-3950) or <info@huberbreese.com>


40's L7 - this guitar is in really nice condition some normal finish checking but nice guitar.


SJ 200 75th - Figured RW B/S - Adirondack Top - Hide Glue ( you might need too wear a chest protector )


J45 AJ Reissue Cherry Finish - this guitar played nice had the James Taylor Vibe.


ES 339 w/ Flame Top & ES 330 Natural Finish - Both guitars felt good and had really nice setup.

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Mr. Huber was instrumental (no pun intended) in assisting me in acquiring my J200 TV. NIce guy, very helpful, great price. I'm in Fla. and I was just calling 5 star dealers looking for one. He didn't have one on hand at the time but he still made it happen. I hope to visit his store one day to thank him in person. i would love to try that 75th Anniversary SJ200.

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