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I've got a Woody!


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I've been gassing big time for an SJ, but I had my heart set on a rosewood b/s model. Last week I stopped at E.M. Shorts Guitars in Wichita, and they had a Woody Guthrie model in stock. I played it for about 20 minutes and loved it. I played on several others as well, other Gibsons as well as a Larivee and a couple Guilds. Hands down, the Woody was the one my hands and ears liked the best. I didn't have my J45 Standard there to compare it with, but the store had one in stock. Definitely a difference in both tone and feel. Couldn't get the dang thing out of my head.


So...long story short it's waiting for me to pick it up Saturday morning. I still would like to have a spruce/rosewood Gibby, but now I'll maybe look at the J45 Custom as well as an SJ. I' m anxious to see what comes out of Gibson from summer NAAM, so who knows?


In a little less than a year I've gone from zero Gibsons to three - a Les Paul Studio, the J45 and the new SJ.


A word about E.M. Shorts - I've been there a million times for this or that but this is the first time I've bought a guitar there. Great folks, great service and a great deal on this guitar. Good to know there is a shop that deals in Gibsons close by (well, 3 1/2 hours away, that's close in Western Kansas) that will work with you and has knowledge about the guitars they stock. Highly recommended.


Come on Saturday...!

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