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Gibson cutting costs where it can?

Tim Plains

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RichCI' date=' I'm going to try those strings out after I run out of Brite Wires, I bought a box of Brites.

Web Strings doesn't make pure nickel strings, only nickel plated. I'm going to email them once a month until they do.[/quote']


Yeah, if you like pure nickel, WebStrings aren't going to cut it for you.

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Are these strings from the same company that makes Gibson guitars? I know this seems like a stupid question, but the font is different than used on the guitars. I bought some Gibson polish and cleaner with that same typeface, and I wondered about those also. If so, I always wondered why a company would have different logos, typefaces, etc.



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Was the envelope empty or was there a string inside?

No' date=' there was a G-string inside...at least, I hope it's a G. =P~


Beaver Creek, it's these strings:


I doubt Gibson actually makes the strings themselves. They most likely buy them from a third party and slap their name on the packaging. As for the logo, it's probably a marketing decision to use a Gibson logo from yesteryears. Looks like the logo you'd find on a much older Gibson guitar.


Are these the same strings that are on gibson guitars when you buy a new guitar?

Every Gibson guitar I bought,first thing,I needed to do what change the strings.

Yup, same strings that come on the guitar. Regular production supposedly come with Gibson Brite Wires and historics used to come with Gibson Vintage Reissues...although, now the reissues come with D'Addarios (I believe).

That's what I've stuck with. Brites & Vintage Reissues.


Just in case somebody missed it...


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Hey Tim, maybe you know something about this, what is the difference between standard gibson strings and wintage reissue strings? I'm asking: price, tone, sizes... in short, what makes them better/worst than "normal" gibson strings? (I use ernie balls now... used to use d addarios)

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Brite Wires are nickel wound, Vintage Reissues are pure nickel. Pure nickel is around $1 per pack.

They make a difference. I use Vintage Reissues on my historics.

Once, I put Brite Wires on my R8, couldn't stand it and took them off the next day.


I just copied this from http://www.theguitarfiles.com/guitarfile82.html


Nickel plated strings will give you a brighter sound with a crisp top end, while pure nickel strings will give you more of a mellow tone. When playing blues, jazz, or a classic rock style of music, pure nickel is the way to go. Most Rock,Heavy Metal guitarist seem to like the nickel plated strings better since they cut through a little better. If your unfamiliar with what I'm talking about, it's best to buy one set of each and try them out for yourself.


Whatever you choose once you pick one you'd usually stay with them. They also make strings in different alloys that you'd also might want to try. Nickel is just more widely known and popular. When you get into acoustic guitar strings well, that's a whole other article. Remember when your fine tuning your guitar tone you have to look into more than just your guitar and amp.

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