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Having been bored with what I'm doing lately I started some lessons a couple months back.


I recently learned about Chromatic Passing Tones. I kinda did them before without really knowing what they were. More out of boredom but I never thought of it as a legitimate technique. But now I am using them in my practice.



So take the basic minor pentatonic blues box scale. You can do this on any scale but the minor pentatonic is a nice square box.


When practicing, or improvising, using the minor pentatonic, use the semitones just outside the box to slide/hammer into or out of the box scale to the next note. They are not in key of course so you have to hit them fast and just use them as stepping stones to the notes in the scale. As long as you resolve on the scale notes you stay in key.


I think it sounds kinda cool and makes the scale more interesting.


Maybe not new to many of you but I found it kinda cool and thought I would share it.

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