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Are you getting royalty fee checks?......If so....COOL!


That was pirated. I've spoken to the singer on the song. Her name is "April March"....(I suspect that's a stage-name).


When that song was released on the "You Got Yours" CD, I was lined up to get royalties...but whatever the percentage was for


the performer....divided by 5....so not much.


The writer got his percentage plus 1/5 of the performer's percentage....so basically he got something...me...not so much.

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Yep. The Copyright is the trick. That's why a lot of Bands will split writer rights when they are friends, even if one person was the major influence just for "later/just in case". Van Halen has always done that I think, even with different members.


In any case it's very cool. I hope a Band named the Shitbirds never record any of my stuff.


Just sayin'.......

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Welp, you've really made it - songs being covered and the RnR HoF.



Thanks...but if I "made it", how come I get up at 3:30 AM every day for work for the last 45 years?


Somehow, I thought it'd be different!


(I did, however,end up with the hot girl!)

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I missed this part..





It's really no big deal.... kinda snuck in there through the back door......


One, is a display about San Francisco music.... they displayed a poster of a concert I did with Van Morrison and THEM.


Then just recently, they put a book about SF Bay Area Bands of the 60's. My picture is on the cover of the book,


(guy on upper right side head in "h" of green "March".)





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