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Light/mediums on my '53 LG1


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My '53 LG1 is very open sounding so much to the point that there isn't much warmth.

I tried some light/medium Elixir 80/20's and I am finding that they really work.


The low end is more apparent when fingerpicking and when strumming the sound is bigger, more full and more balanced and real bright.


Couldnt put her down all night.. Definitely sounds better than with lights and I think the 80/20's suit the tone of this particular LG better than PB's.


just thought I would share [wink]

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Thanks for the word, J. Time to give those a try as I have been using Elixer Nano light P.B.s the last few months myself and just not real happy with them. I was about to go back to Pearse or good old Earthwoods. I have too many instruments to have to change stings so often so I had tried the Elixers as a first time for coated strings.- Steve



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Might give those a whirl on my '64 LG-1. When you say light/medium, what gauge is the high-E string?




They are: 012 .016 .024 .035 .045 .056



The only thing I have found is that I have to lay off the G string a little else it sounds a tiny bit metallic. But they have only had 2 hrs play time so still very new.


Apart from that they are really nice.

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