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Need help with an Epiphone Sheraton serial number


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Hi guys,


I'm currently negotiating for an Epiphone Sheraton II guitar. The number that the seller provided me, looked a little strange. I tried the guitardaterproject site to identify the instrument, but without success. I have also looked at lot of articles, related the numbering and so on. But till now, I'm still confused, and even more.

What I need is help in order to clear the mistery.


The number of the guitar is 0812210279.


Result from guitardater:

Guitar Info

Serial number unrecognized


I assume it is a China made instrument in 2008. In some articles they say, that with the chinese guitars after 2004 it is sonfusing the recognition. But...


When I tried to find the origins of the instrument, and I didn't succeeded, I asked the seller to send me picture of the number.

Notice, that the instrument is Epiphone Sheraton II - Natural color.


And I received a picture with serial 0812210279-VS. I assume "VS" stands for "Vintage sunburst". That makes the situation even more weird.


I will appreciate any help and suggestions.


Thank you in advance!

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Made in December of 2008 in the Unsung China factory.

Number 21 in the fifth & sixth digit position is the factory code for:




As for VS, that should indeed refer to vintage sunburst,

so something does not quite seem to jive.

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