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An Oddball Guitar Week


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Strange stuff showing up at the door this week. Started off this weekend when I went to the local purveyor of musical goodies to return a 1964 B45-12 that I had at the house for a test drive but decided not to buy. As I am getting ready to leave the owner, knowing me well, says he stumbled across something I might be interested in and pulls out a 1960s Kent acoustic guitar pickup. The pickup is NOS - never been used and came in its original box (which toted a $120 price tag) and instructions. What was a poor boy to do - I will take it says I.


Then a package arrives from a friend. Inside is a guitar he snagged off his local CL. Not really being sure what to do with it (or why he ever bought it) my friend figured it was right up my alley. This one started life as a 1920s or 1930s Stromberg, Harmony or something and in 1980 (there is a signed and dated label in it) was coverted to a lap guitar. Not just any lap guitar mind you but a 9 string lap guitar complete with a widened soundhole and "Stauffer" headstock. The wirdness continues in that there are three holes drilled under the bridge which brings to mind the Vivatone guiars made by Lloyd Loar after he left Gibson. I am playing it as a six string right now but the mind wobbles at the possibilities. The guitar is actually nicely balanced and puts out a deep and throaty croak.




The Elephant Man headstock.



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