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Reader's wives.....

Lefty Guy

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My Penny Mae. Met online in late September, met face to face November 14th, became a 'couple' on December 9th, I proposed on January 10th and we got married on April 21st.




Sweeeeet story! Sadly I can't view the image for some reason.

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You both seem like a very happy could Dan. And that backdrop .... imagine waking up to that each morning .. [thumbup]

This isn't my backyard, its a trout lake near Telluride, Colorado. If I woke up to this each morning I'd never make it to work. Happy, yup. I'm still plotting a way to sell her piano though. [biggrin]

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Must have been that Rolls Royce t-shirt Rob !


I think thats the first family pic Ive seen without the pugs... :-)


HAHAHA...that photo was taken LONG before there were any Pugs in our life. I'd say that was 1980.


We met in a parking lot, (1976), we made a date for the next night.... I showed up with a Rolls Royce for the date.


But she'll tell you it wasn't the car, the first time I took her to my house, I played guitar and piano for her....


She says that's what sealed the deal!


You'll note the other photo there are Pugs figurines on the shelf.

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OK then.




Last Year




She played a song to me the day we met. I told that story, and she played that song, on a "jam" show we did in 2011. Here is a recording off the board.


Osprey Show


Recent picture




One more -- informal, but I thought appropriate to the Gibson forum. Her nickname is AJ -- we are getting older, but she is still younger than that guitar.




Let's pick,



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