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Epi Rock BAss Rescue

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I've been on the hunt for an Epi Rock bass is red for some time now. Haven't found one but I did find one in black off of eBay that was in rough shape.


eBay photos:





The tone pot was stripped, the E tuner was a bad replacement and the neck was bowed.






I replaced the pickups with some Symour Duncan Bass lines Quarter Pounders. Replaced all the tuners. Replaced the tone pot.




Had Terrapin Guitars make a new pick guard for it.




Terrapin makes great pickguards!!!!!



Cleaned 20 years of crud off of her. Added a bone nut. Added Schller strap locks. Straightened out the neck. New strings.


She nows plays well!






Much much improved. This bass has LOTS of life left in her!



Still looking for one in RED!!!

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Nice job [thumbup] I love projects like that, there's something very satisfying about saving something that most people would not have given the time of day and giving it a whole new life. Congrats, I bet those Basslines sound great =D>



Thanks! The Basslines do sound good. It's my 4th set of them.

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(Sigh!) Shipping to the USA was way too high. I had to pass. Surely there's a red one in the USA!!!


HI Aoresteen - I left you message on in your personal profile.. I Just purchased an EPI Rock Bass - very similar to yours and I need a pick guard.


Thanks Brian



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