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Favorite Led Zeppelin Songs


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it's a shame we never really got properly introduced to hey hey what can i do.


Zep is one of a few essential classic rock bands that is worth collecting everything they did! I have all of the studio albums, the odd ball singles like hey, hey and travelin' riverside ... and watched and listened to the live concert stuff and the song remains the same. heck i youtube zep footage all the time! classic.

But what of the least favourite in the zep catalogue? certainly coda was leftovers, but tracks like hats off and bron-y-aur stomp don't really hold it up ... boogie with stu ... i'm gonna crawl ... others?

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i'm not raggin' on a great band, in fact another great band worth collecting is the doors and their weakest work is probably on soft parade: do it, easy ride, tell all the people. it is worth saying that great bands don't stick a lot of filler on their albums with one or two great tracks. the whole album is listenable.

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