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Removing Tom Delonge from my ES 333

Biffy Bojangles

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First post on the forum. Thanks for putting up with me :D


So I've been tone searching for about 3 years. I've gone from Fender Teles to Jag-stangs to EBMM JPs to 335s to Ibanez Artcores (the pricey ones), but I found my tone in a pawn shop in the form of a Delonge signature Epiphone ES 333. I freaking am in love with this guitar. I don't know what it is, but it is the nicest playing guitar I've ever owned. However, I can't stand Delonge. I think he's an overrated prick and I do NOT want to be associated with him or his gear. I was wondering if there was a way to make my guitar less Delonge-ish. Like paint jobs n' stuff. Any ideas?

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I don't know who Tom Delonge is but i googled the guitar





yup, i have seen it before...imho it does look kinda mingin'. .. at least it doesn't have his name scrawled all over it.


well, you could try and refinish it, but it seems like a lot of trouble just to disassociate the guitar from someone you are not keen on.... you could try accessorizing with stickers and a pick guard and different volume knob ??

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I have one of these...


And yes, it is a great fun take on the '335' theme, with the Dirty Finger to wig out with... [thumbup]


IMO the whole concept is spot on...I wouldn't change a thing...


It is a joy to hold and play...one of the really solidly built and unusual Epi's... [thumbup]





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I understand your feelings toward Delonge, however let me offer this up. Back around '78 my buddy brought his bone stock '65 Sunburst Strat over to my house and decided he wanted me to strip it and redo the finish with nothing but tung oil. In order to get all the undercoat off the guitar I had to sand pretty hard, but I did get it done. He then gave me all new "gold" hardware for it and some hot rod pickups. It looked good and sounded unique for the time.


Fast forward to today, he still has that guitar and of course had he left it alone it would now be worth a small fortune. Just something to think about.




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