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AlbertJohn......RIP...... Happy memories

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Havent been here for a year and now return with the worst news possible.


Those who remember Albertjohn ( Peter Forsey ) will share my disbelief that he is no longer with us


I quote his fellow band member Ash,who told me the news today on FB


"tragically Peter took his own life a couple of weeks ago. Totally out of the blue no signs , anything. We are all obviously devastated and at a loss as to why. Four great children and wife great job everything appeared fine. We have the funeral tomorrow but as you will know he had lots of friends from music a lot of which I know, but some I don't nor his family. I did do a couple of the Gibson event with Peter and Robbie Gladwell who I play with. We are looking to do a musical celebration in Essex at his local on 2nd March, by all means keep in touch for that and with the guys on the forum who I know he spent a lot of time chatting to"


The UK guys will remember the gig at Gibson UK and I know a few of you "old stagers" will remember Peter his love of Britain, Cricket and Gibsons


RIP mate


All best to all

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This is shockingly sad news, just terrible.


I find it so hard to believe. Ive also shared many conversations with Peter here and on Fbook. He seemed so enjoying his new job and his music with his beloved Songwriter. How can this be ??


Im trully guttered by this sad, sad news.

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I didn't know him well ... It's sad to hear he went through with that .

I'm sorry the man felt cornered to the extent it was the only possible solution he could see .

I have been in dark places in my life ... It's a constant struggle ... but it's always is tough to see a person give in .

may God bless his family and friends .



this one is for AJ :











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A musical interlude for our friend and late contemporary. Rough rendition but the heart's in the right place. Maybe we could all find a way to send along a card to his people.


My link



The band are getting together a musical tribute for him at his local pub in Essex on March 2nd ( dammit we're out of the country!)


His FB page may be a good place to leave a note


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I am so stunned by this news. Peter was one of my Facebook friends and it wasn't long ago we chatted about songs and guitars. He seemed upbeat and content. I always wish there was a way to turn back the clock when tragedy like this happens but, alas, there is not. I will cherish his time on our planet and in our lives.

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I am so stunned by this news. Peter was one of my Facebook friends and it wasn't long ago we chatted about songs and guitars. He seemed upbeat and content.



Exactly. I remember having a quick chat and posting on his Fbook site recently. Looking at his most recent Fbook posts he seemed an utterly relaxed, happy chappy. Nothing in his tone and manner would indicate something was seriously wrong or was about to go seriously wrong.


Its so hard to understand these things sometimes, especially in these circumstances.

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Uk guys especially


Theres a "bit of a do" arranged for 2nd March.

With his friends including Robbie Gladwell


A fitting goodbye to a great friend today so much love and great memories.


We will be hosting a musical evening on 2nd March at The George pub in Shalford. 8:00pm


We will have lots of friends playing a tribute to Peter. A great night in store all welcome.


So sorry we cant make it but will be there in spirit as I reckon half the Gibson acoustice players in the Us and Canada will be too.... let alone the rest of the world!


I might have said this earlier but Jinders got two gigs this weekend and will be dedicating them to Pete!


Still dont believe it!



Update on the gig 2/03 fro Ashley Bartletts FB page ( where you'll find tributes and videos of Peter and the band)



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John, this question might be completely out of line , hence use your discretion ... but is there any faint idea of a motive behind this tragedy ?


I'm just completely dumbfounded.



There seems to be no rhyme nor reason. all say that Peter seemed to have all before him, 4 kids wife etc. I havent seen him for a couple of years and spoke to him last about 9 months ago so I am not the one to ask.


Just looked back at Peters FB page


He and I exchanged remarks about Quadrophenia on 23/01 amd the first post mentioning his death was 28/01


Am going to try to go on 2/3 if we get back in time. From what Matt was saying this morning I feel he might try too


But maybe we'll never find out and if we did it still won;t change anything.




From what everyone says it was sudden and a mystery.


Yeah "dumbfounded" is a good word

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