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Need an Epi Kat series HSC ???


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Been awhile since I have posted on this forum. I have an old first generation empty Kat (Alley, Wild, Flame) hardshell case for sale if anyone needs one.


It's has a nice plush grey interior, the Epi "E" logo on the front and is in really good condition. It's the 5 latch TKL case that Epi used to use.


I know that finding cases to fit those are not the easiest, I had a DeArmond M-75T in it (they fit great in those), just sold it and now an empty case.


If you are interested just PM me, I will post pics of it later today.


50 bucks plus shipping?


No rips or tears or anything like that in the tolex, stitching is excellent, all the latches work... I just have no use for it so I thought I would throw it out there and see if someone needs it.


Nope, don't have the key for it.

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