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Doubts of a recent owner


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Hey guys, 'sup?

Recently I bought my first and beatiful Gibson SG Standard 2011 (still a brand new one, i'm the first owner), and, since it's my first real deal guitar, i have some doubts about taking care of it.

What product would you recomend for cleaning it? And wich strings sounds better on it? I took a look around but didn't found exactly what i was looking for... I'll use it basically to play Rage Against the Machine, System of a Down, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Cream, Sabbath, and likewise bands, and right now im using and Ernie Ball Round Wound .10, because the seller told me she came ajusted for .10 strings, but i don't have any problem about the size of the strings, i use to play a Telecaster with .12, only because it sound better on it.


Also i have another question, is it possible to put a whammy bar on it? i saw a few SG's with the whammy, i thing it's called Maestro or something like that...i want to know if its possible to buy this piece and install it, not me, a luthier of course.


Well, that's all folks, sorry for any stupid question, i just really don't know, also sorry for bad english, i'm from Brasil!


Since now, i thank any help,

Best regards,


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Any good cleaner/conditioner kit like the Gibson or Virtuoso kits would work fine for it. For the fretboard I use naphtha to clean and fret doctor to condition it. Strings are a personal choice, use whatever works best for you. If you move up to 12s I would suggest having someone knowledgeable set it up and possibly file the nut to accommodate the increased string size.


The Lyre/Maestro system isn't going to work like other typical trems such as the kahler or Floyd rose. I'd suggest trying out a guitar equipped with one before looking to add one aftermarket. Stewmac sells an aftermarket kit I believe but I can't comment on fitment as I've never used theirs. A bigsby is another popular choice for SGs, again these are unlike Floyds etc. the bigsby and lyre/maestro are not the typical divebombing trem.

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If your SG has a thin, 60's neck like my 2006, then string guage will make a huge difference to the curvature of the neck. I'd use 10's otherwise, you'll likely need to adjust the neck.




Also as a new guitar, what will be far more important than cleanliness and shine will be protecting the wood (and rest of guitar for that matter) which means humidity control. Never been to Brasil but in moderate US climate, I need to have a humidifier in winter and dehumidifier in the summer in order to keep relative humidity between 40-50% year-round.



I bought some Virtuoso last month and cleaned and polished about 6 guitars the first two days. WONDERFUL stuff!



Don't you just love your SG? [thumbup]

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Thanks a lot for you two, it was really helpful words there!

Right now we are in the summer here in Brasil, and it's been raining a lot, almost every day. By dehumidifier you mean those little bags with some chemical stuff inside that usually come with things that need to be dry? or something else? I didn't thought that umidity could be a problema for the wood, but you got a good point there, thanks a lot for the heads up! I would be really sad to notice that after the wood got in bad shape :P


I'll try the Virtuoso kit, I just read some stuff on internet and it seems to be a pretty good product.



And yes, it's been like 3 weeks since I bought, and I never felt so realized about buying something, it's amazing, the smell, the look, the sound, everything it's just perfect. I still take 15 seconds when i open the case just to admire her and remember how lucky i am to be able to have one of those just for me!


Once again, thanks a lot for the help!

Now excuse me, she's calling me to play!

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by dehumidification in the summer (or year-round in Brazil)...I mean air conditioning (which we use from April thru Oct) but also a dehumidifier that you can buy in any hardware store. I need both because my office/guitar room is in our finished basement and the air conditioner is not enough to bring the relative humidity to the level I desire (50%) in the summer months. This is even more important for our acoustic/classic guitars which will warp on you. I've never used those desiccant bags you throw in case or sound hole. A hydrometer is good to have...they're cheap.

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Gibson offers a guitar maintenance/care kit that you can buy from their web site. It has guitar polish, fret board conditioner and clothes if want to use something made by the manufacturer.


Agreed with the other posts about the strings/neck/set up situation. I stay with .10's on mine.


Just in case you're not aware of nitro finishes, the one other thing I would mention since this is your first is don't set your guitar on any stand that has foam rubber padding, it will eat through the nitro finish all the way down to the wood and leave a black stain. Wrap some guitar polishing clothes over the foam rubber to protect it.


Also, no apologies needed for your use of english!!! You did just fine, but even if you had not, it's no issue.


Enjoy your new SG, they rock!!! [thumbup]


By the way, feel free to post some pics of your SG, we would love to see it. O:)

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I've always LOVED the early SG's. However, when they stopped "beveling," and tapering

the horns "correctly"...like the early/mid '60's versions were, I lost interest! What came after,

seemed a pale comparison (to me), nor even felt like an SG. Couple that, with my not playing,

at all after 1972...for nearly 40 some years, I didn't own one. I've bought 2, in as many months, recently.

A "Satin" finished '61...and, a new 2013 SG "Original!" The LOVE, is BACK...BIG TIME! [thumbup][biggrin]


So, enjoy your's...as I'm sure you will.



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my first love are les pauls, (of which I have 2) my second love is an SG (2 of these as well.) hard to beat a good Gibson solid body.


Regarding cleaning products,, another nod for virtuoso, for the fret board, look for Glitz Guitar Honey.


About the whammy,, let it be... the only one to even consider is a bigsby, but if was me, I would leave it all stock.

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