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1940's Epiphone Electar Amp For Sale

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I've just finished restoring this beauty, and it's time for it to go so I can find my next project. It's a 1940's Electar Zephyr Amp, with a 12" Rola field coil speaker. It needed a cap job, and I replaced all the coupling caps with Sozo Mustard Caps, and the input cap is a Mallory Vintage Cap. I replaced the electrolytic caps with Sprague Atoms. The output transformer was toast, so I replaced it with a Classic Tone paper wound transformer. The resistors are all original, except for one, which I had to replace. The power cord was a two prong, and I replaced it with a three prong cord for safety. I took the liberty of replacing the tubes also. It has two NOS 6C6 Sylvania preamp tubes, a NOS 76 Sylvania pentode, a NOS Jan-Phillips 5Z3 rectifier, and two New Tung-Sol 5881 power tubes. The amp is a 6 out of 10 cosmetically. These don't come around very often, and certainly not in perfect working condition.


Here's a sound clip!


I've listed it on craiglist also, and here's that link!



First $1100 Takes it. Will ship to your door. I can give you a qoute for shipping if you're interested.

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