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Help needed setting up a Worn Wilshire!

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In desperate need of help here guys!


I am tring to set up a Epi Worn Wilshire, in short I am playing with a 'reasonabily' low action (nothing extreme), however I cant help but get string buzz when fretting notes.


The neck is straight and action set at the bridge to 3mm bass side and 2mm trebble side approx, regardless of how high or low I adjust the bridge or how much relief I put into the neck it still buzzes, its driving me mad!


I tried putting a capo at the first fret to take the nut out of the equation, it still buzzes......


Also, it is not happening on single notes, basically all over the neck.....


Any suggestions would be great!





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Your action height seems reasonable enough. A couple things come to mind:


- are you sure the neck isn't back-bowed?


- are the frets level? (no high frets) read this: http://www.diyguitarrepair.com/fret-buzz/


As far as I can see its straight with a little relief, I have tried to take a pic to show you what I am seeing but its not very good.


It doesnt seem to be an individual fret, although I will check again, any further thoughts would be great!





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If you are measuring the string height at the 12th fret (bottom of string to top of fret), then your strings are plenty high enough, maybe even a bit too high, but being too high wouldn't make the strings buzz.


You should have a little bit of relief in the neck. If the guitar is still buzzing with a little relief and the string height you now have, then you've either got a fret badly out of level or something else (such as a loose part) is causing the buzzing.


I suggest putting new strings on the guitar, tuning it good, and then checking each string one fret at a time until you locate the source of the buzzing.


Just my 2 cents. Good luck.

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