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I was speaking with another guy around my age today, at GC about Korean Strats and, we both agreed on how great these guitars are. I had one years ago that I sold like a fool! He told me he had one also. Every once in a great while you see a used one on sale. When you come back it will be gone! Just like some of the early Mexican Strats, I view these like gold! I now figure the new treasure to keep an eye for is Indonesian Strats. I got a real nice one a little while back for $50. Do keep an eye out for Korean Strats in good shape. These were around for cheap back in the 90s. Here is a few shots of the Indonesian Strat I got a little while back:







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I like it when people aren't snoby about guitars and just play what sounds/feels good to them.

I bet I'd be one of those suckers who'd wind up with a fake Fender, though I think once you've played good quality, poor quality just gives you an bad feeling.


I still need to get a Strat...


That guitar looks classic. I'd put a black guard on it ^.^V

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