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Original/real mudbucker in a new SG bass?


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I'm buying a new SG faded (in worn cherry), likely later this week.

Obviously, I haven't used it live or at a rehearsal yet, so this is nothing more than an idea.


I've got an original mudbucker (1971 model, I think - it has the Gibson logo stamped into the cover), in near mint condition. I'm curious as to if anyone has tried this swap or if its even worth while.


Most opinions seem to say that the new neck pickup - TB plus, or whatever it goes by these days - is overall a better sounding and more useful sounding pickup.


Just wondering if this would be a worth while mod if someone really wanted that old school thump and boom on the bottom.

Would it just be a drop in swap? Are they the same, size-wise? I wonder if the covers are the same size, or if the pickup itself is the same height/pole spacing.


I'd also wonder about output - wouldn't want to totally over power the mini 'bucker in the bridge position.


Opinions? Thoughts?

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an original mudbucker would definitely overpower the mini, it's what they do! [biggrin] seriously, there isn't much wiggle room to blend the two pickups as the mini disappears if you add too much mudbucker. it's a very fine line.


I'm not sure if it would drop in or not. I could measure the cavity on my '72 EB-3 to see how it compares to the route on the SG bass, if that would help. you could always make a Tractor bass like Berry Oakley's!

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Just waiting for the phone call that the order came in, and I'll scoot into play it for a bit and buy it if I like it.


I think I remember reading somewhere that the neck pickup route on the SG is not as deep (as the pickup itself isn't as tall) as it is on an original mudbucker equipped bass. I'm not interested in digging any holes, so this is only something I'd consider if it was literally a drop in swap. And who knows - the 'new' pickup might give me what I want anyway. I'd been using the mudbucker in a cheesy Epi EB-0, so that's all I have to go by on how that pickup actually sounds. All I know is it has some serious grunt to it and it's ridiculously high output.

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I think you'll notice the difference between the mudbucker and the TB+. my EB-3 and my son's LP sound completely different (if that's a valid comparison) and the LP can sound pretty bassy, but it's not quite like the EB-3. once you get the SG, you'll know if the pickup swap makes sense.




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Picked up today. Pretty impressed. Beautiful color, very well built and somehow more substantial-feeling than I expected but still extremely light. Neck has some beef to it too, a little thick front to back but that probably adds to the substantial feel.

Frets are a little bit rough on the edges but I'm not going to worry about that for a day or two. Best to let it enjoy some of the climate/humidity up here for a bit. Neck seems very straight (not much relief at all) and the action is higher than I'd like, but again, I'm going to give it a few days before adjusting anything.


I've only played it in the store through a little Fender Rumble and not yet with the band in rehearsal (or a gig) so I can't yet say how it sits in the mix but there are enough reviews here on the tone of these basses anyway. But I must say, I was pleasantly surprised by the snarl of that little bridge pickup, and that it's volume is not at all drowned out by te faux mudbucker. Speaking of which....


I didn't measure or compare yet, but the faux mudbucker doesn't look to be the same size as the real mudbucker. At least the cover, anyway. It looks to be a little narrower. Haven't opened it up yet so I don't know about the actual depth or anything. But either way, the potential swap will have to wait if its not a drop in. And either way, I haven't been able to judge where it sits in the mix yet, so I'm not assuming anything until then.


I'll have to have a little photo shoot when I get a chance. It's a devilish looking little rig. And the first person that picks it up and starts playing Sunshine of Your Love might get a slap! Just kidding - I loves me some Cream.

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Played the SG at rehearsal last night, and it was a little beast. I don't think I've got any interest at this point in putting an original mudbucker in, as the stock neck pickup already engulfs the full sound of the band. Even the bridge pickup on its own is useful; dirty and gritty with some nice snarl to it. The mids make it almost honky sounding.


Just out of curiosity: can the pole pieces be adjusted for volume on the strings, or are they just dummy screws, for the looks?

Not there's an issue. I'm just curious.


Taking it to an open mic jam tonight, playing through a small rig (Ampeg with a 2x10 traynor cab), looking forward to hearing/feeling how it works in the mix.


Also - mine doesn't neck dive. Little neck heavy, but overall it's balanced very well. Significantly better than a modern Thunderbird. The stock strap buttons had to go though - I didn't trust the upper one, as we all know how this bass tends to hang due to its placement. I use schaller strap locks on everything anyway, so it's all good.

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