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OK so the launch is on 15th December.....


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....and the countdown time says 5 days....


....but does anyone know when they are going to be in the showrooms. I keep asking my dealer in Singapore and he just says "Hopefully before Christmas"


Looking at the Craig Anderton blogs coming from Germany, it would seem to me that the development is not actually complete yet? Or were these blogs from some time ago - given that Public Enemy played in Berlin on 4th December I would suspect they are quite recent?


5 days and counting is quite tight to package, test and distrubute a software product and why are Echo still needing a RIP to do tests only 5 days before launch?


Can anyone from Gibson clarify when Dark Fire is actually shipping?

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I think its guaranteed none will be sold and in a customers hands prior to 5:00PM Dec. 15.


But after reading today's blog with all the last minute code debugging and Asian manufacturing for the RIP box , sadly I feel it may be 6 more weeks before dealers have these guitars.


I just hope it does ship before January, as I could use a sales receipt dated "December 2008". Somehow there is less incentive for me after January 1st, as I could use this on my 2008 schedule C tax deduction for tools - and there is a Winter NAMM show next month - with a rumored Variax II from Line6 due sometime next year.


But there are many pre arranged global events for this Release Date:



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I too have the same concerns about the availability of the Dark fire on Dec 15th. Even more so because I live in the UK and I just can't see how Gibson are going to manufacture, pack and ship these in time. I was a little surprised about the info in The Blog, I thought it was a finished ready to go product just waiting for the official launch date. I had really hoped (probably nievely) that Gibson had pre shipped these to the dealers some time before the launch with strict instructions not to sell before 5pm on the 15th.

As an aside UK dealers now require you to phone or go into the shop if you want to pre-order as opposed to ordering via thier websites as I did a week ago. Anyway I still remain hopefull that the wait will not be too long and will be keeping an eye out for any further Blogs

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I think we will get what ever the development team completes by 3:pm Friday 12/12/2008


It brings new meaning to "Just in Time Delivery"!


These days with Fedex - here in California I can get an HP notebook built in China, just one day after it was built.


And ( here's the biggie) - There are just waaaaaayy too many global Dark Fire PR events pre-scheduled for this product launch.


Perhaps it will be like when I purchased my 1st Ant Farm toy - it included a post card for free Ants!


Maybe we get Guitars - but a "rain check" for the RIP box that will ship at a later date upon completion of the warranty card?


"The world's 1st run limited edition Gibson Dark Fire guitar will go on sale on December 15, 2008 at 400 dealers throughout the world. Each store will be limited to carrying only 5 of the sought after guitars and no guitar can be sold before 5pm on Monday, December 15, 2008. Once the guitars are sold out they will not be reproduced.


This highly collectible guitar will be available in the Dark Fire finish only. To find the list of exclusive Gibson Dark Fire guitar dealers go to www.gibson.com/darkfire. Artist from around the world will take part in exclusive events during the launch of Dark Fire. A schedule of events in each city will be available on www.gibson.com. Events include special artist appearances, exclusive VIP programs and viral marketing campaigns.


The official slogan of Dark Fire is Light Your Fire and musicians from around the world believe their roadies can take the night off with this newest offering from the musical leader, Gibson Guitar."

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I think we will get what ever the development team completes by 3:pm Friday 12/12/2008



Unless they work the weekend!!


I agree with your global launch comment and Gibson is certainly a big enough company to pull this off, but I'm still sat here with my fingers crossed.

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Im a salesman at a Guitar Center in the NY Area


I hope to be able to answer any unknowns about tomorrows launch of this awesome instrument... at least as far as it goes in my store.




We are going to have 5 in stock as of Monday dec 15th.


Not a single one will be allowed to sold until 5pm eastern time.


We CAN TAKE DEPOSITS before then. If you really want this beauty, we can take a deposit for it now, and you will have yours sealed in a box.


We can take deposits over the phone and I can ship from my store in Brooklyn, to any where in the U.S.


For the first hour only, these will not be transfered from store to store... ONLY AVAILABLE IN BRICK AND MORTAR SHOPS!!... ie: NO GC.COM... you must deal with a salesman.


If anyone got those 10% off coupons in the mail, or gift cards sent by us... you may apply them to this purchase.


If you got any questions.... shoot me a msg, or an email at lazvision@gmail.com

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Hey Lazvision, please don't take offense, but since you are the first admitted GC salesman I've seen, how do you feel about the comments you read referencing your employer and the way they do business? I realize you don not set policy, and you don't speak for the chain, but I do invite you to shed some light on the way GC does business.

Here is a link to the aforementioned thread:


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