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[rolleyes] Hello Peoples


As you may recall in my previous post "Advice" I am in the market for a new guitar & am looking at Epiphones. Well I came about this local ad selling a slightly used "Epiphone Les Paul"


Well after looking through Google I have concluded that it is a "Epiphone Les Paul Studio Special Edition" But I cannot find it anywhere on the Epiphone site. So is this legit or some copy? If legit what was original retail value? In my googling I have seen it for as high as $600+ & as low as $185. (North America) Kinda confused.





My link

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Epiphone makes many limited editions. I think their set neck SG's (G-400) have been made in over 30 colors & PU and tailpiece configurations. There's even more for Les Pauls. Not sure if you're a fan of pelham blue, most guys aren't. $400 is high for a used LP Studio; that's what new ones would go for in the USA.


Myself, I love Epi LP Std's, which sell used for $250 to $350+ here. Besides the flame tops, you get binding on the body and neck. Not that any of that changes the sound, it's all cosmetic.

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$400 is high for a used LP Studio; that's what new ones would go for in the USA.


Special edition is just for the color and IMO adds no value to that particular guitar.

Although it comes with a case, they don't mention what kind.


An Epi L.P. case can be had new for $70.00 U.S.



The Studio (new) is about $350.00 and can be bought during a sale (new) for about $300.



For an extra $50.00 you can get a Deluxe Studio with trapezoid inlays and covered pickups.


As mentioned by Bluemans335, you can get a Standard used in the $250-$350 range.

I've seen used Standards/w case go for $300-$400.


Even in excellent condition, it is still a "used" Epiphone and the warranty is void. Depending on the case I would say $300. maximum.



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In this case, the guitar is considered a limited edition soley because of the color. Pelham Blue is one color that is truly limited in production and very popular. I think that in this case, the seller is anticipating the guitars desirability. The guitar looks like it is new and is out of production, I believe, so his price may be pretty reasonable for someone who really wants a Pelham Blue LP studio with a case. A new LP Studio at GC sells for $350. A cheap gigbag is $30, a good gigbag is about $50 and a cheap hard case is about $70. So if this guitar is being sold in a store for retail price + a decent case, its not a "deal" by any means. Its a straight-up retail price (+case).


EDIT: Willy makes a good point about the warranty. Didnt think if that because I usually void mine within a half hour of getting a new guitar home. lol. But I still think he's pricing the guitar mostly on the desirability of the color...which may be worth it for someone.

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[biggrin] Hello Again Peoples


Well thanks for the responses & advice,much appreciated seeing as I'm new to the world of Epiphone. Well I ended up buying the "Studio LP" off of the seller (cute girl actually,don't tell my wife LOL) for $300. Perfect condition & still had factory strings on it & a very good quality hardshell case.


Color really isn't that bad actually,Not my personal preference but not to concerned with looks. I must say I am pretty impressed with everything over all. Nice fast smooth neck,great action,awesome tone through a Mustang 2 & quality paint etc: etc:


But once again thanks for your Epi knowledge much appreciated. Well talk to you all later, gotta go do some ear damage & get rid of 10+ years of rust.

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