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Emperor Trans-Swingster


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So I picked up an 1990's Epiphone Emperor (BJP - Before Joe Pass) for ridiculously cheap. Wouldn't have even considered it but it was just such a good deal. Was considering upgrading the pups and my first thought was of classic 57's or some other PAF type.


But as I take stock of my collection and needs, I am thinking of basically turning this Emperor into a Swingster. I already have (just got in December) an Epiphone ES-175 reissue and an Emperor Regent. That pretty much covers any mellow jazz tones I would ever need. The big jazz band I am in does do some Brian Setzer style stuff on occasion, so I am thinking of putting GFS Retrotrons (Nashville ?) in the Emperor and maybe even adding their vintage tremolo. Does this makes sense? I imagine I would have to get at least a tune-a-matic bridge if not a roller and lose the current rosewood fixed bridge if I add the tremolo though. I don't think the real Swingster has a center block, so the Emperor's lack of one should not be a problem for the tremolo, right?


I would also put in push-pull pots for coil splitting and parallel/series switching. The diagrams I have found at the Seymor Duncan site, etc area bit confusing. Is it too much to ask to have BOTH coil splitting and parallel/serial controls? Should I settle on just one of those options?


Thanks for any input or shared experiences.


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