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Beto Sabbath

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Hi. Yesterday I was curious about the new things at NAMM. So I visited a guitar company's web site to find out that they made a SG copy with a Floyd Rose bridge. I have been wanting one for many, many years.


Epiphone, I don't want to be rude, but when you made the Goth series you made tune-o-matic and floyded versions of a Les Paul, an Explorer and a Flying V, but not an SG. Come on. How many more years do I have to wait to see one? I think you missed the opportunity with the SG Prophecy, which was a great guitar.


Thanks, and I hope I'm read.

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The problem is that SGs are so thin that it isn't possible to install a floating Floyd, however they can be modded to accomodate a non-floating floyd, as this person did:



They did make the SG Extreme (I think that's the correct name) with a Floyd, however it had a thickened body and a bolt on neck:



The "Extreme" probably didn't do too well because it was just plain ugly, but a thickened and routed out SG has a fairly limited market, mostly in the metal community. If Epi were to make one it would likely be blackish and have EMGs, and even then most of the market it's made to appeal to will go look at Ibanez or Jackson first.

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