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Confused on identifying fake vs real Gibson Les Paul

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Hi all


I've been reading with great interest the fake vs real threads that have been going on on this and many other websites... To be honest there appears to be a lot of conflicting evidence bantered around about what can be used to identify a fake and for the most part I can't make a definitive determination myself with what's available on the net.


I possibly have a Gibson Les Paul that I bought recently and I've looked at all the features on it that are the supposed tell tale fake give aways... But for me the jury is still out.

Some sites have posted pics of what the pots should look like and what a fakes look like. And to be honest mine, to me, mine look more real than fake...

The truss rod cover, everyone says 3 screws is a dead give away - mine has the require 2. And doesn't say Gibson on it that is supposedly another dead give away...

The serial numbers checks out.

The shape also, I can't see any difference is the cut aways or in the peg board shape that says fake.

The font - again can't see the difference.


As a high end furniture maker since the early 90s my opinion is the build quality is quite good. The materials and construction are well done. The only thing I see that takes away from the quality is I can see the glue creep in the glue lines on the body. I am very sure the top is curly maple and the rest is mahogany.


I phoned a recommended guitar repair guy who says the finish on a fake is a dead give away. The finish on a real Gibson is duller, less glossy, than a fake (i.e. the fake has a 12" finish the gibson has a 4" finish). Under a loupe the finish doesn't look like polyurethane, it looks like a lacquer.


Therefore I'm putting up some pics of the guitar and hopefully the more knowing eyes can help out. Hope the pics are good enough.



Really would appreciate your help.



Cheers Matty

post-53606-007087400 1360982383_thumb.jpg

post-53606-037936200 1360982413_thumb.jpg

post-53606-094248300 1360982425_thumb.jpg

post-53606-057524100 1360982483_thumb.jpg

post-53606-026074600 1360982510_thumb.jpg

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