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The serial number is "USED" ?


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UPDATE: heal plate has the following . . .



Hand crafted in Korea


by Epiphone


The Epiphone Company

Nashville, Tennessee USA


0 17246




Note: The "0" is stamped into a slightly etched rectangle. The 17246 is on a white sticker.





I have a pristine Firebird. The head stock has a gold painted Gibson logo.

The heal plate on the back says Made by The Epiphone Company of Tennessee, made in Korea.


On the back of the headstock is stamped "USED". No other markings or numbers.


I'm trying to find out at least approximately when it was made. And approximately when.


I did a lot of Net searching. This does not look like the cheapie Firebirds selling on ebay for $400.

It's a rich looking sunburst. Gold hardware. Looks and sounds great. Plays great as well. Heavy as Hell! LOL


Any ideas or comments would be much appreciated!


Thanks, Wayne Reed thenettrainer@yahoo.com

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It could be a prototype, I have heard of Epi Firebirds not having a serial number at all. Who knows why.


The reason it could be a prototype is that like Ian said Firebirds usually have the logo on the truss rod cover.


I know that Gibson stamps guitars as "used" when they were floor models, demos or they put them on "sale" at the Gibson showcase.


Do you have pics? if you send one to Gibson customer service they will respond and give you some idea.

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I've seen quite a few on eBay in the past with bolt-on necks. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any photos of any at the moment.


I'm thinking they are an older (but not like, "vintage" or "valuable" by any means) model (or perhaps a budget model) as the newer ones have set necks.


100% it is not a Gibson, it's an Epiphone for sure. Someone poser painted Gibson on the headstock to look cool I'm thinkin'. The guys over at the Epiphone forum may be able to help you out more on identifying the year.



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