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Les Paul Custom 68 RI identification

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Hello everyone! Any help possible with this would be great! I have the chance to pick up this guitar for a great deal and everything seems to check out great with it. The seller has been amazing and sent a lot of photos but I just want to make sure that its 100% before I go through with the deal! I don't know a lot about this guitar, I know its an 05 with Seymour P-Rails. TonePros saddle with graphite,and has a hip shot and locking Grover's. Thanks for any help!











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I just sold a similar one made in '08.

This is an '04 Guitar Center special '68 reissue.

The first two s/n digits are the year.

Should have the thin 60's neck

Naturally the locking tuners and hipshot are add ons.

I believe it originally came with '57 Humbuckers

The pickups are personal preferences but I think it devalues a re-issue.

Don' know what you're paying, but I wouldn't go over $1600

Otherwise it looks real.

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Dave thanks for the response! Yeah, it would be a little more than $1600 so I will see if he will come down just a little! Thanks


Here's the one I just sold. It was in mint condition with the stock '57's pups and not nicked up around the head with a hipshot rubbing off the Custom decal.


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