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How's Yer Nitro?


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Me Again!



I started gently with my Virtuoso products, it is a bit scary!



I used the Virt Polish only on my Blues King first up, and I had a bit of trouble seeing the result last night in the weird eco lighting I have, but this morning I had a look, give it a little extra buff and all I can say is "Wow!"



So if I took the BK down the local mall, all the women would be gathering around asking how I got the guitar so shiny and all the men would be asking if I can polish their car! Just like on the TV Ads!


The BK did NOT look like that in the shop when I bought it! Very impressive!



I intend to just use the Virt polish on my J45 next....working up to using the cleaner on some of my vintage guitars.....




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