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The I was born and am currently living club

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I'm a member of the "I Don't Want To Be In a Club Club," but I was born and I am currently living. [thumbup]

Yes. Me too. Can I start the "Enough with the clubs already Club"?

How about the "Club Club" for people who own....clubs?

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Guest Farnsbarns

>implying you never shat as a baby

>implying only people over 90 **** themselves

>mfw you're Benjamin Button




Not as many babies on here as you might think. I don't know how you arrived at those implications. MFW you can spot a harmless joke. [tongue]

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How about we stop with the clubs all together.



And start Lounges!!!


The "Over 50 Lounge"


The "Over 40 Lounge"


The "I can't help myself I'm so pathetic I just HAVE to click on the links of threads I know I'll hate" Lounge




There'll be a LOT of folks in that last one, I'd wager.



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