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Anyone ever try Ernie Ball Slinky Acoustic guitar Strings?

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I always thought the Super Slinky ele were the most flexible electic guitar strings after the ones I use but how about acoustic strings?

I didnt realize they made acoustic guitar strings.

Also where is the least costly online place to buy Tomastic Infeld, DR & Ernie Ball ??

Many Thanks


Great sound is important but flexible feel is even more important to me.

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I've used the EB Slinky 2145 PB lights and they are same type tone as EJ16s or MSP4100s. To me they are more like the 4100s, a little ringy but good. I stray from time to time but always wind up back with the d'addario or John Pearse. I buy mine from stringsandbeyond.com or GC if they are on sale. You might want to give the EBs a try, nothing bad to say.

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My experience mirrors davenumber2's. The sets I gravitate to the most are, D'Angelico Bronze wound light guage (the price and longevity are excellent and the tone is really good), D'Addario EJ-16 phosphor bronze light guage (probably the standard by which I measure anything else) and the John Pearse 80/20 light guage, my go to string when I want the very best out of my J45 or J50. I sometimes put on John Pearse Pure Nickel Wounds in medium guage, going up to mediums because the nickel has less tension in a given guage so I get a medium guage string volume but the feel of a light guage. But nickels take some getting used too (give'em at least four days or so before you judge them) and you might not like them. They feel good to me though and I can pretend I'm being old school.

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