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Gibson custom shop RS45TBNH1???????


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I think in the electrics at least, NH stands for nickel hardware. Don't know in this case. I'd just ask the guy what the label in the guitar says, if you really want to know. This just sounds like Gibson's specfication code, but I haven't seen that on an acoustic before. My guess would have been rosewood J45 tobacco burst with nickel hardware, but I know nothing......

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The code you are referring to is no mystery and has been used by Montana since the start. It's broken up into three parts.


RS45 is a Round Shoulder J-45

Tb is the finish code for tobacco burst

NH1 is the hardware code



SSHB-- Square shoulder Hummingbird

HC-- Heritage cherry sunburst

NH1 -- Nickel hardware


There are times when the number at the end of the hardware code is in reference to a lefty. This is usually a number 4. So a GH4 would be a gold hardware lefty. If there is a number 3 at the end it is usually a guitar with a pick-up. Since they put pick-ups on most of their guitars now that number is no longer used.A normally electric acoustic will be designated with a AS. The J-160E would be an AS16VSNH1.


from 1990 to 1995 all of the acoustic guitars were coded with a AC (acoustic) then the model number so a J-200 would be a AC20ANGH1

The acoustic electric guitars were noted- AS. AS16VSNH1 would have been a J-160-E.

1997 they made a change to different line designations. For example the J-200 was put into the "Historic Line". The code was HL20ANGH1.

1999 they made a big change in the price list and seperated the guitars into 5 lines they were:


J-200 Super Jumbo Line. They were designated SJ

J-45 Round Shoulder Line. They were designated RS

Hummingbird Square Shoulder Line. They were designated SS

J-180 Jumbo Line. They were J8

L-series Small Body Line They were LS


In 1993 they had a Starburst Studio and it was coded ASSFANGH1 Of course this guitar became the #ss fang.


Probably way more than you ever wanted to know.

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