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Do you think Coldplay ripped off Satch?


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Here is another band who uses the same melody.


Maybe they should all sue each other. "Cluster**** lawsuit."


There is nothing new nor original "under the sun," as they say.

There are only so many notes, phrases, progressions, and combinations you can do.


The melody isn't that original in the first place. Pretty damn simple.


I'm incorporating it into three of my own songs as I type this.


Da da da da...dee do da...da da da da...dee do'oh oh oh...

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Why say coldplay has ripped omeone off? I dont think they had anything to do with the creative process, nor with the producing mixing and mastering stages. They just (in the best of scenarios) played the instruments for the recording.


You know most "famous" bands dont write ther stuff even though it says so n the cd... dont you? The label they work for should be held responsible for this kind of thing happening, they get more money than the artist, they have lawyers that do nothing but wait. Instead of waiting for an artist to f-ck up so they can sue his *** and take his kidneys from him, they should be on the prowl for this kind of thing (two songs from different artists, sometimes from the same labbel, sounding the same).

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Wasn't there a band that Chris Martin saw at like SXSW or CMJ or something where there was actually fan shot footage of the band playing at the show and the singer is like, hey Chris Martin from Coldplay is here and he just kind of waves and **** aknowledging he was there. And that happened to be a band he ripped off and said he didn't.

The fact that Coldplay ripped off Ashley Simpson is pretty funny though. At least it was one of her more tolerable songs though.

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