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L5CES vibration......


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Hi all from a Newbie.

I have a Wine L5CES that I had in 2010 brand new from Custom Shop.( I'm in the UK )

It seems to have developed a vibration acoustically, through an amp it's fine but it drives me to distraction when I play it without it being plugged in.

A full A major chard at the 5th fret is a particularly bad example.

I've tried all the obvious things and am reluctant to dismantle it in view of the cost and calibre of the guitar.

It went back the dealer who supplied it me and was sent to the Gibson repairman in Manchester who had it a month.

He phoned me during the repair and asked me what the problem was and I told him as above, play a full A major at the 5th fret.

'Oh yes, he said I hear it'.

The guitar came back from the repair shop and......... it's exactly the same.

If you pull the bridge pick-up towards you it reduces it.

Anyone any ideas ?


Eric Thacker

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Here is a link to a post I wrote just after Xmas on this subject. I cured every rattle and buzz by doing this:




Other obvious things are - pickup ring screws not tight or vibrating, wire on bridge (if you have that type of bridge), buzz from scratchplate touching something, same from wiring inside (unlikely), strings between bridge and trapeze tailpiece. It's curable but you have to find it first.



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